It is not every artist who has a head for numbers. Napoleon’s success as a business man bears ample witness to his versatile personality.

Having carved a niche for himself in the film world and in the Indian politics, Napoleon’s venture into the business world was to a certain extent circumstantial.

“As an MLA, a lot of youngsters used to approach me for a job. I was struck by the immense potential of India’s youth and at the same time saddened by a system that makes it impossible for every one of them to be employed,” he says.

That’s when Napoleon decided to be at the helm of affairs and start his own company. With the help of his brothers-in -law, Mr. Suresh, Mr. Sriram and Bala Sundaram, he started Jeevan Technologies in the year 2000 with just four computers and ten staff members. Today, the company has grown to a global presence with offices in the USA and New Zealand.

Later, in the year 2008 he went on to found the Jeevan IT academy (JITA) with a mission to help graduates enter the corporate world as “employable and industry-ready consultants.”

Moving on from there, he founded Jeevan Seaside. The company owns and provides management services to fishing and processing vessels, operating in the waters off the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

As the Chief Advisor on Strategy and Founder and Chairman of the Jeevan Group of Companies, Napoleon exercises tremendous influence in the business world. Each of his companies have a reputation for employing the latest cutting edge technologies. Clients aver that the Jeevan Group has set a benchmark for fair dealings and quality work.

A leader who leads by example, Napoleon’s staff members commend him for his approachability and his ability to bring out the best in people. Like his namesake, Napoleon is a staunch believer in self reliability, preferring to do all his work on his own.

Family Member Voice

Napoleon is a very simple and honest person. He likes to help all and takes care of all his people who look at him for any help. He is a Man who looks ahead and is a visionary.
Mr.Suresh Periasamy