MAYO Rally

Myopathy Institute of Muscular Dystrophy and Research Centre has organized a rally on August 3rd at Marina Beach from 07.00 A.M. - 08.00 A.M to raise awareness on Muscular Dystrophy. The rally will be participated by the children on wheel chairs affected with muscular dystrophy and philanthropic public. In-spite of their busy schedules, Mr. Vijay Sethupathy, Ms. Varalakshmi Sarath Kumar & Ms. Gayathri accepted the invitation to ignite the rally.

The Myopathy Institute has released a press note and called the general public also to actively take part in the event to make it big. The Institute of Muscular Dystrophy and Research Centre is a unit of Jeevan Foundation, was established in 2010, located in pollution-free and nature-rich environment in Veeravanallur, Tirunelveli Dist, Tamil Nadu, India. The Focus of the Institute is the prevention and rehabilitate of Muscular Dystrophy in Children.
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