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Speaks of Rajadurai about Nepoleon


Since, the day I met our Chairman Mr.Nepoleon on April 3rd 2006, my 1st day in Jeevan Technologies, he really admires me in many aspects.

I would like to express our Chairman as a Powerful leader and yet a Gracious person. It’s really admirable, the way he handles different fields and it is not just handling, it’s mastering in multiple fields – Cinema, Politics, Corporate, Sports.

I very well remember the joyous moments in the Jeevan Annual Celebrations at Kodaikanal. Our beloved Chairman also joined us for the Mountain Trekking and he was a Central Minister of India at that time. He was so simple, jovial and very friendly to all the common men we passed by during the Trekking, irrespective of his Cabinet post and being a renowned Cinema Celebrity.

He is always so caring to his staffs. Once, on a working day (12th Dec 2016), a very severe Cyclonic Storm Vardah, hit Chennai. We were in office, as the initial weather forecast we received was the cyclone would get weaken. While the cyclone was crossing the city, we felt a shake in our 10 floor building. Our Chairman immediately rushed into action, moved all of us to the nearest Star hotel where he stayed, rather than asking the employees to leave for home. He arranged for lunch and our stay in the hotel until the storm crossed the city. He spent all his good time with us sharing all his experience in Politics and Cinema during our stay there.

I have visited the Mayopathy hospital along with our colleagues, the Institute for Muscular Dystrophy, his dream project for the Medical and rehabilitation service for the needed children. He has been an inspiration to the special children and he volunteers to help them lead their lives with confidence. Our eyes were filled with tears on seeing the overwhelming welcome and the faith shown by the special children and their parents.

May the Almighty offer him long life for servicing the needed people.

- Rajadurai

Speaks of Revathi Rangaswamy about Nepoleon

Revathi Rangaswamy

Our Chairman Mr. D. Napoleon is an inspiration to all us in our office. He is really amazing and wonderful person as he has proved himself in different sectors like Film industry, Political, Business and NGO. He can also be told as Mr. Perfect as whatever he performs will be accurate and whatever he communicates will be crystal clear. He connects so easily with anybody and everybody as he is friendly, understanding and down to earth. He allows all employees to express their views and ensures all managers contribute to discussion and decision-making process. He has lots of trust and confidence on the employees which makes us to work beyond the expectation and think out of the box to make things happen in reality.

He is sensitive to the feelings of the employee. He makes all employees feel valued. He makes new employees to feel welcome. He starts and finishes on time. He has sound knowledge of organization’s work and key networks. He is a good motivator, Strategist and plans for skill development of employees. He is good at team building. It is pleasure working with him as he is approachable, impartial and objective!!!

- Revathi Rangaswamy

Speaks of Deepa Swaminathan about Nepoleon

Deepa Swaminathan

In my 2 years tenure at Jeevan technologies, I have had the privilege to interact with our dear chairman, Mr. Nepoleon, both on personal and professional levels.

He is a good humanitarian with strong value systems. His devotion to his children and his respect to family have had a strong impression on me. Like a tree standing tall and branched out, yet connected to its roots.

Mr. Nepoleon has ventured into various facets of his career. A multi-lingual artist, not sparing the Hollywood industry too, a kind and successful entrepreneur, a well-known politician, an empathetic socially responsible citizen (myopathy hospital), above all a devoted father. A key attribute he has is his willingness and eagerness to learn every day.

Hats off to you sir, and wish you the best in all your endeavors!!

- Deepa Swaminathan

Speaks of Sivagami about Nepoleon


First and foremost thanks for giving us an opportunity to express our gratitude about our Chairman Mr. D. Nepoleon.

A renowned actor of the silver screen with a wide range of movies, he is also a well known politician. He surprised the film and political worlds when he ventured into the IT Industry.

He is known for his simplicity and approachability who heeds for his employees and takes us in his hands to protect from all endures. There are no words to express the amount of respect, love and concern he has towards his employees.

Known for his aggressive ways, he always shares everything with us with no regrets and always has been the light of our happiness. He is the true motivator behind everyone at Jeevan.

We have learnt a lot from him. We always admire his simplicity and perseverance. We are conceited to be under his refuge –Jeevan Technologies.

It is our immense pleasures to work under him who has lighten our world of success.

- Sivagami

Speaks of Balaji Dhamodharan about Nepoleon

Balaji Dhamodharan

Shrewd, Multitalented, Multifaceted with loads of Helping Tendency this is what I would describe Mr. Nepoleon to be. This moustache and physic have projected him as the baddie in movies, but in real life he is as kind hearted as they come. He has always been there for people in need and distress. What strikes me is his ability to reach summits in areas that are alien to him. Jeevan technologies being once such summit.

- Balaji Dhamodharan

Speaks of Ashok Martin about Nepoleon

Ashok Martin

Mr. Nepoleon, many a times, his reputation precedes him, and he lives up to it. A big man by himself, and still he reaches out to young and the old alike; and ensures that he listens to all the views and takes the final decision that is always a bulls eye be it even his businesses. Being a business entrepreneur he has done wonders with the Jeevan group of companies. I wish him the very best in all his future endeavours.

- Ashok Martin

Speaks of AshtaLatha about Nepoleon


I first met Mr. Nepoleon on March 18th 2005, when I came to Jeevan technologies. On that day it was his height and gait that impressed me. But today after more than 3 years of knowing him, it is his simplicity and down to earth personality that surprises me. Though he is simple by himself, he ensures that his institutions are grandeur. He is a man of many talents, be it business, politics or cinema he ensures that he is involved personally. I am sure that his dare to dream, dare to do attitude will take him to places.

- AshtaLatha.U

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