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St.Joseph's college is proud of you

 St. Joseph's College
CONGRATULATIONS Maveeran Nepolean. St.Joseph's college is proud of you.. As history student, you made history by joining into the cine field,then into the Political arena representing Perambalur constituency,the largest one of Tamil Nadu Legislature.
From State Politics, Nepolean entered into National Politics as Member of Parliament representing Perambalur constituency.As a newly elected Parliamentarian, he had a rare chance of becoming a Central Minister as Minister for Empowerment of Women and Social Justice.
Again he made history, an actor turned into Politics and occupied the Highest position of Central Minister in the Union Cabinet.
Now he ventured into the Hollywood as actor and definitely he will make history.
It is a historic fact that,he hails from a village called Peruvalanallur,in Tiruchi District which witnessed a historic battle between the Pallavas and the Cholas and decided in favor of Cholas and the Cholas became a legendary ruler of Tamil country for 4 centuries.
This is the background of the village from where Nepolean originates.
Therefore he will make history wherever he enters.
I am proud of my student, Mr.Nepolean always.


- St.Joseph's College
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